When something good or useful falls into your lap — and you’re all happy — but then it’s suddenly lost, ruined or spent, you might dust it off and say with disappointment, “Ah well, easy come, easy go.”

But most of the time, the reality is that certain things are harder to come by. Growing finances, reaching goals and success at work can all be difficult to achieve while easily sucked away by something. So instead, a more fitting phrase would be “Hard come, easy go” to describe the difficulties we might face to acquire what we need or desire. This is especially true when something is particularly troublesome or seemingly beyond reach.

Finding success at just about anything requires hard work, dedication and persistence. Most of the time no one is going to hand you a victory you haven’t earned. And even if they did, it wouldn’t mean much. Then, once finally obtained, it’s easy to squander away our achievements if we’re not careful or responsible with them. The skills you’ve learned along the way need to be honed and flexed to sustain your accomplishments so they don’t slip away.

Welcome to the HCEG blog. Our general focus here is on frugal living, savings and the various hurdles that can hinder our financial goals. There may be a lot of external obstacles in life that prevent us from easy success, some of which we can’t control. But the biggest barrier we can overcome is our own mindset and behavior. Only then can that which is “Hard Come, Easy Go” become “Hard Won, Continue To Grow.”

A Little About Me

My name is Rybo. Son of a surgeon, but raised in a broken home trying to make ends meet, I am now in my early 50’s (as of this writing) and a father of 2. We live frugally and seek ways to save and grow money on a limited budget. My desire is to share both failures and successes, and what I’ve learned in the process. There is no lavish lifestyle here. Nor is there a cool Mil+ sitting pretty in an account for when things get tough (dosh garnit). So this is totally real-world.

I was a tornado-magnet dweller at one time, so I know what it’s like to live low on the hog and scrimp along. But even then, I made do and was able to build a small savings. Even if you live like a scrunge and hack your expenses to the bone while pulling in some kind of income, saving and investing can be fleeting but not impossible. Costly life issues and budget-busters can easily sap your resources dry. But it’s almost always the personal element that gets in the way.

Difficult as it might be, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can with a higher goal in mind, or that we should lose hope. If the bar is high, get into pole vaulting! What realistic choices can we make to improve our financial situation, and expand that to other areas of life where we might face difficulty? Sometimes it requires mental (and maybe even physical) self-flagellation to identify and accomplish the changes we need to make. And changes can be painful. But we need to face the situation and resolutely determine what needs to be done about it. Then get creative! It doesn’t have to be doldrums and drudgery — with the right mentality, it’s fun!

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– Rybo

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